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A ''One-Stop-Shop'' for iGaming Companies in Malta

NOUV iGaming has been involved in the iGaming and Gambling industry since its early days in Malta, offering an integrated solution across all business functions to companies operating on the islands.





NOUV is a member of TGS, a dynamic global business network of independent firms providing accounting, audit, tax, business advisory and commercial legal services. Currently operating with 62 members from 58 countries and states.

With over 3500 professional staff, multidisciplinary TGS member firms support clients by designing global, sustainable solutions and providing a one-stop-shop for business advisory, audit, tax, legal and accounting services. Our expertise fuels local and international growth, and positions clients in the marketplace, safeguards businesses against financial and organisational risks and helps to value and maintain assets.

Our pragmatic vision of business, experience in the field and feedback from members enables us to continuously improve our methods and solutions to suit unique client environments.

Together with our fellow members we can offer our clients iGaming and Gambling consultancy services internationally.

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NOUV iGaming is an initiative undertaken by NOUV, a leading consulting firm based in Malta offering an integrated solution to organisations in Strategy, Corporate Finance, Transactions, Regulatory, Information Security, Sustainability, Human Capital, Business Performance Optimisation, Business Intelligence, Financial Management, Governance, Risk, Compliance and Assurance.


NOUV iGaming is a fusion of talent, with more than 25 years of combined experience in the iGaming and Gambling industry, specialising in helping companies identify, design, and execute their strategy. We focus on creating the change that matters by working together with our iGaming and Gambling clients and by partnering with industry experts to develop and realise business goals. Our consulting, assurance and business support services offer an integrated solution to our clients’ toughest challenges across all business functions.


Throughout the years we have assisted a range of clients across the globe, from grass roots start-up businesses to world leaders, by providing services such as Finance, Technology and Operational Transformation, Financial Management including the analysis of the critical Business Drivers and KPI's, Transaction Support, Financial and Information Technology Audits, Outsourced CFO Services, Compliance and Regulatory matters, Key Functions including Internal Audit and DPO,  Licencing coupled with Company Set-up in Malta and other jurisdictions, Corporate Secretarial and Tax and Back-Office Services and Project Management for new country entry proposals.


The growth of the iGaming and Gambling industry worldwide is an undeniable success story and holds further growth opportunities. NOUV iGaming is well positioned to assist you in fuelling the growth of your organisation within this industry.


Running a Gaming business might be a lonesome journey, but it doesn’t mean you have to travel alone. Let’s take the journey with you!






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Tim Heath,

Chief Executive Officer, CoinGaming & Co-Founder, OneTouch

NOUV assists CoinGaming, on different fronts, starting from Finance to Corporate Secretarial and Regulatory matters. They were recommended to us a few years back as we needed to remodel and reorganise our Finance Function. They immediately hit the ground running, flew back and forth to Tallinn and at the end they simply did a fantastic job by designing the necessary financial KPIs, financial reporting, and improved our internal processes, systems and controls.


NOUV also assisted us in obtaining Malta igaming licence/s, including the handling of the ongoing, Audit, Tax and VAT regulatory aspects of the Malta based companies. It’s a joy working with these guys and would recommend using NOUV for similar jobs like the above.


Thumbs up NOUV!



NOUV iGaming is an initiative undertaken by NOUV.

The firm's name, NOUV, derives from the French word "Nouvelle", which emphasises our commitment to breathing new life into our clients' businesses at a strategic, operational, and financial level.

Established in 2008, NOUV is a management and financial consulting firm including an array of business support services that help organisations identify, design, and execute their strategy. We focus on creating the change that matters by working with our clients and partnering with industry experts to develop and realise business goals. 

Our service offerings are designed to help a business shape its future with a winning strategy, improve resilience, transform & drive sustainable growth. 

We also specialise in capital raising and mergers & acquisitions, including assisting companies in boosting their business’s appeal to investors, maximising funding options, and identifying and negotiating with target businesses, potential acquirers, or joint ventures.

We are in this profession to genuinely leave a positive impact on people's lives by tuning their organisation to excellence.

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